Architectural language

Design three spacial objects on an imaginary square surface of 1×1 meters, representing a 1:50 scale. The objects have to be built up from unified architectural elements (e.g. wall, column, stage, etc.). The objects each represent a space in which it is possible to: 1 play theatre , 2 meditate, 3 confess.
Which and how many elements are needed to create a space. Design each object in itself and research/design the relationship between the three objects; how they are situated on the terrain and what their relationship is to each other and to a person who is ‘in between’.

The Space to Confess is situated on the „negative” side of the square surface; the side of the shade, where in time moss will cover the walls. There are three possible ways to move to the positive side; alongside the left or the right, representing the roads of denial, or through the centre, the confronting road to confession.

The Meditation Spaces are hidden in the thick walls of the passage. The search for the space is part of the meditation. Depending on the positioning of the person, these spaces can be experienced as being either open or closed.

The Theater Space consists of a thin wall in a large open space. This little mass attracts attention by being so secluded, and therefore a person in proximity to this wall will be the focus point.

research model 1:50 (x2), drawing, model 1:50 (x2)

October 2012