van zuivelfabriek tot woongebouw


My graduation thesis “Tussen ideal en werkelijkheid, een onderzoek naar wat kwalitatief wonen inhoudt” is a research into how my choices as an architectural designer affect the daily life of the future inhabitant of my building. The building that was subject of my study was a former dairy factory in the city of Maastricht. The front and right facade stayed almost intact since the built in 1929. The left and backside however were very affected. My intervention took place in this affected area, to honour the original part. My main goals were to create a stronger connection with the park behind, to obtain more space between the dwellings for the of gain daylight into the living spaces, and at the same time create a private garden in the newly obtained space. I analysed this building as if it were built up out of blocks, and took out the necessary volumes to obtain these goals, and with that created an entirely new backside of the building. 



model existing situation 1:500, model existing situation 1:200volumestudies (3x), model 1:100(3x), drawings plans, drawings sections/facades

June 2016