Holiday house

Design a holiday house as a void in a solid mass. Creating space by removing volumes, instead of adding them. Develop your own schedule of requirements. The maximum width of the house is 5 meters. Location 50.810724 ° N 5.690668 ° E

The entrance to the cavity is hidden behind a natural indentation of the rock. The stairway leading up to the front door visualises the mountain climb, but is hides the view. When reaching the top and entering, the surroundings and the beautiful view of the water surface become visible. The house consists of one open space with one element of dark wood contrasting with the bright yellow marl. This element contains all facilities and allows light to enter the space vertically. This hollow house should provide shelter; a place to retreat and be in peace, surrounded by nature, offering solely your primary needs.

Model 1:50 (x4)

April 2013