La petite maison – Intervention

Create an intervention in the design of Le Corbusier’s La petite maison, matching the outcomes of your own analysis.

The meaning of architectural form for interiors 

‘To do as little as possible doesn’t immediately imply laziness; minimum living conditions are not poverty per se. To understand minimal conditions, it is necessary to examine consumption. What pleasures can a structure give us, and more generally speaking – since this concerns the organization of life – what is needed? The minimum required precision. Sobriety necessitates the separation of desire and need, after which the essential remains. The minimum is the measure of our desires. If only a few wishes are granted, they receive generous attention. Things that reach the minimum can be desirable. The minimal can be great, but never oversized.’

This quote and La Petite Maison were my inspirations. Their implied conflict formed the basis of my research. How did Le Corbusier deal with small spaces? Can I apply another meaning to the interiors of his architectural forms?

model 1:20, existing plan and plan intervention, isometry existing and intervention, model 1:20 (x3)

January 2015