La petite maison

Analysing one of the buildings by Adolf Loos or Le Corbusier; for instance by making drawings, models etcetera.

Year: 1923-1925
Architect: Le Corbusier
Client: Design for Le Corbusier’s parents
Location: Corseaux, Switzerland

‘Have you noticed that under such beautiful conditions one no longer “sees” ? To lend significance to the scenery one has to restrict it and give it proportion ; the view must be blocked by walls which are only pierced at certain strategic points and there permit an unhindered view.’  Le Corbusier 1954

‘A single window of eleven meters long unifies and clarifies all these elements, allowing the grandeur of a magnificent setting to enter into the house: the lake, with its movements, and the Alps, with the miracle of the light.’ Le Corbusier 1954

photo la petite maison, model 1:50 (x2), model 1:500 (x2), model 1:50, analysis of the plan, drawings, analysis use of colour

November 2014